Kvinna under vatten

the story

LivNordic was born in Sweden, our native country, out of the realization that the Nordic countries had something rare and beautiful to share with the world: a lifestyle deeply connected to nature that naturally led to wellbeing.

When LivNordic’s founder Anna Bjurstam returned home to Scandinavia after travelling and discovering the health traditions of the Eastern part of the world, she realized that the lifestyle principles she was seeking were already at her doorstep.

Together with her creative, curious and concerned peers at Raison d’Etre, she grew the LivNordic brand from our Scandinavian roots, values and traditions.

the vision to light lights

LivNordic shares the vision of Raison d’Etre, which has been the core from the very start in 1998. For every person we meet or touch, we aim to light a light and make a positive difference in their lives. 

Lighting lights spreads like ripples - and this is the LivNordic way to try to make this world a little bit better.

Light by light.
Kvinna i pool

how it all started

Working with The Grand Hôtel in Stockholm gave us the opportunity to develop the concept and foundation for the LivNordic Spa in our own hometown, together with the hotel itself and Per Öberg Arkitekter

The stunning interiors are strictly Scandinavian, with a philosophy rooted in Norse mythology, connectivity to the Stockholm archipelago and the refreshing darkness of Swedish lakes.  

Since the brand name launch of ‘LivNordic’ in 2010, LivNordic Spa can be found on Viking Ocean Cruises ships (from 2015), which have been winning awards almost every year since the first ship set sail.

the first spa

The Grand Hôtel Nordic Spa & Fitness in Stockholm is the birthplace of our brand. The Nordic bathing ritual, our unique Swedish massage techniques and the ingredient-savvy Nordic beauty philosophy were born here and brought together into a unique concept to celebrate our heritage. To this day the spa remains internationally recognized and award-winning.

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